Since its start with the State Use Program in 1978, TIBH has helped Community Rehabilitation Programs employ thousands of Texans with disabilities.
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State agencies, municipalities, school districts and other entities take advantage of diverse temporary employment services available through the State Use program.
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TIBH Industries | Creating Jobs for People with Disabilities.

Who We Are

Who We Are

TIBH Industries is a catalyst for employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We are a unique, private, non-profit corporation that links individuals with disabilities to meaningful career options. In 1978, its first year, TIBH Industries secured employment opportunities for 22 people with disabilities.

By investing into the State Use Program, TIBH Industries continued to grow from year to year, helping Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) employ more than 6,000 individuals with disabilities in 2015.

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Quality Products & Services

Products & Services

TIBH Industries, Inc. helps provide employment, through the State Use WorksWonders Program, for people with blindness and other disabilities.

Marketing the products and services of these exceptional individuals, TIBH serves as the interface between vocational rehabilitation centers and the purchasing systems of the state, cities, counties, school districts, and hospital districts.

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