The TIBH program works through the Governor, State Council, establishing fair market prices and working on a no-bid basis.

The Governor-appointed Texas Workforce Commission is authorized by statute (1) to determine a fair market price for goods and services produced through the State Use WorksWonders Program (2). And, although political subdivisions are bound by law to get competitive bids, this restriction is waived (3) when purchases are made through TIBH.

Benefits of the Program

How We Help People With Disabilities
  1. Provide stable, vocational rehabilitation for individuals with disabilities in the community.
  2. Provide people with disabilities the opportunity to become self-sufficient.
  3. Provide training, meaningful employment and fair wages for individuals with disabilities.
How We Help Customers
  1. Customers receive a competitive price without the hassles of administering a competitive bid.
  2. The program offers a wide variety of options with its products and services.
  3. Each contract is negotiated individually, allowing for customization to meet specific wants and needs.
How We Help Taxpayers
  1. The State Use Program has proven to reduce the cost of care for people with disabilities.
  2. By adding employees with disabilities to the workforce, the program helps increase the tax base. National studies have shown a savings in public expenditures for purchases made through the State Use Program.
  3. Since CRPs are located in large and small communities, the program also stimulates local area economic growth.

A chart showing how the Texas Council, CRPs and Customers work together through TIBH.

An employee at a CRP working outside.

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