Get the products you need either through the TIBH Catalog Online or at our Central Store.

TIBH Catalog & Central Stoer: Two Great Ways to Get the Supplies You Need.

TIBH Catalog Online

TIBH Catalog Online

The TIBH Catalog offers quality products to Governmental Entities, Cooperative Purchasing members, & Institutions of Higher Education to meet your competitive bidding requirements.

We are now accepting orders from Governmental Agencies, Political Subdivisions & Universities.

Visit the TIBH Catalog Online »

TIBH Central Store

TIBH Central Store

The TIBH Central Store is located in Austin and sells WorksWonders products and basic office supplies direct to program customers and other nonprofit corporations.

Some of the items offered are different than those available through the TIBH catalog.

See what's available at the TIBH Central Store »

TIBH Industries, Inc.

1011 East 53 1/2 Street | Austin, TX 78751

Phone: 512.451.8145 | Fax: 512.451.0824

TIBH Central Store

1130 Rutherford Lane #190 | Austin, TX 78753

Phone: 512.834.8242 | Fax: 512.832.8560

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